ok, now i'm seriously excited about halloween

i changed my mind on what i'm going to be. i was planning to dress up as a pirate captain but since audrea just had a pirate themed birthday party and i dressed up for it, the idea of being a pirate again just bores the hell out of me.
i really feel bad that i'm not going to wear the halloween costume that i already have...
but i'll just wear it next year. i don't want to be the same thing twice!

i'm going to dress up as michael jackson!

i'm going to re-create this outfit:

i figured all i need is some kind of a business jacket (hopefully i can find a red one at goodwill or something) and cut the collar shorter to make it stand up straight like a military jacket does. then all i need is a flat gold rope and sew it into the swirly patterns on the front of the jacket (i can find that at joannes fabric) then i need some sturdy gold farbic to make the shoulder patches.

then of course comes the glove, and i think i'll wear a short black skirt instead of the black pants he wore.

how hot does beyonce look?
i wish i could find a jacket that was cut diagonally like this one, but that's way too fancy for my budget.

there will probably be a lot of michaels walkin around this halloween, but hopefully mine will be the best ;)

wish me luck!
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it was so lonely and hard breaking up with nick. i felt like i was going to lose so many friends and people wouldn't talk to me anymore. somehow it turns out the opposite happened. i guess i just got more comfortable with myself or something. maybe more appreciative to have friends. i don't know..

i've never really felt like i was friends with everyone in a group before, or that i really belonged. i feel so open around them though.

do you ever get that feeling when you are hanging out with people, that if you just magically vanished, or didn't show up it wouldn't make a difference? i use to feel like that all of the time.. but i don't feel like that anymore.
i feel so lucky now. i guess the storm makes the rainbow brighter, hah

i don't post often when i'm happy, so i decided to spice things up and show i'm not just a party pooper. haha
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a lot has happened since i last wrote, the two biggest life changing things were that i broke up with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years and then shortly after Moddy, my stepfather, passed away.
(i called him moddy because it means My Other Daddy and that's how i truly saw him)
he died Thursday, May 7, 2009. i still can't believe i won't get to hear his laugh again.

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god i had the best time i've had in a lonnnnnnng time last night.
i tagged along with michaels to a hardcore show, which i haven't been to in like 2 years
i didn't even know the bands before the show but that never stops me. i like the atmosphere (and company i was with) enough just to go there clueless.
lovve to watch everyone dance and get crazy. i couldn't wipe the smile off my face, especially during ceremony.
they had great stage presence, especially the guitarist.. he was AMAZING(turns out he's a MAC artist!)

from my experience, people who listen to hardcore are far less snobby than punk people.. but i'm still partial to punk shows
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i'm suuuuuper bored
i'm waiting on shelie's cute, but slow bootay! :)

there is a bunny on the apartments balcony across from mine.
what a great idea. i'm so jealous.

i'm hating my life right now cause i fell off the wagon and now i'm back on.
i fucking HATE that damn wagon.

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sweet revenge


i haven't left this damn house in 2 days, i seriously am feeling a little shining coming on.
i threw up 8 times yesterday!

and forget about the cute indian costume, the website fucked up. and now they're out of my size...
all the other websites are wayyy too expensive for the same costume so i think i'll just stick with my original ideas for costumes. boo
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did i not say hoopz was gonna win i love money from the beginning??? BOOOOYAAA

on a totally unrelated note,
i just bought the cutest halloween costume (i decided to not be the school girl in public, haha)

but i'm terrified that it won't fit!  if i returned it i wouldn't get the right size back in time for the 31st.
lets pray it'll work out!